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COMMUNITY ORGANIZER                                                                                   BLACK LIVES MATTER GLOBAL NETWORK JANUARY 2015 – PRESENT                                                                                 CAMBRIDGE, MA

  • Treasurer: Manage all BLM Cambridge funds, filings and financial reports, identify and manage risks, confirm and respond to contributions, plan and execute a budget while managing Quickbooks while serving as the action coordinator.

  • Action Coordinator: Establish a coalition model Rapid Response Team, develop action goals and strategy, provide communications and logistical support during actions, facilitate meetings with administrative team, local and national community members and SURJ while serving as the connector.   

  • The Connector: Create and update asset maps, power dynamic analyses connecting BLM Cambridge organizers, pod planning groups and caucuses to outside organizations for effective community organizing while serving as an administrative team member.

  • Administrative Team Member: Craft press releases, poster copies, contract with graphic designers to get flyers and infographics out, disseminate the E-Newsletter with campaign updates bi-weekly, update the website, execute social and print media strategies while serving as the Network Coordinator.

  • Network Coordinator: Maintain a relationship with the larger BLM Network staff regarding BLM Cambridge events and campaigns.  Ensure BLM Cambridge is in compliance with Network guidelines and expectation, being regularly present on Network calls, emails and texts, consistently update BLMC members on important Network happenings while maintaining relationships and building partnerships with community in the larger Movement for Black Lives.

  • Volunteer to advocate, amplify and fundraise for other Black led and inter-sectional organizers under extreme duress amidst the Ferguson Uprising, the Flint Water Crisis, the flooding in Baton Rouge, and holding back the pipeline in Standing Rock.

ACTION COORDINATOR                                                                                                                FIGHT SUPREMACY MARCH AUGUST 2017 - NOVEMBER 2017                                                                  BOSTON, MA

  • Organized 40,000 people to march against white supremacy from the heart of Roxbury to the cradle of liberty at the Boston Common.

  • Developed a logistics handbook within 72 hours for immediate distribution amongst the 27 national and global lead organizers I was responsible for that included finance, de-escalation trainings, non violent direct action, healing and art, security team, street medics, communications, media representation, legal and jail support, safe houses and facilities, transportation, travel and accommodations, food and aftercare.   

  • Centered lesser known Black women and femme activists so that the focus could be on the fight against white supremacy and not on my own organization at the time, Black Lives Matter.

COLLABORATIVE ORGANIZER / PROGRAM ASSISTANT                   UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST ASSOCIATION & OCTOBER 2016  – OCTOBER 2017                                                                        BLACK LIVES OF UU                                                                                                                                                       BOSTON, MA

  • Created campaigns centered around social justice issues.                                                                                                                                            

  • Social Media outreach and engagement

  • Analyze donor listings to identify the best targets for fundraising via provided demographics.

  • Proficient in proprietary database applications and logistics software.

  • Consistently coordinated travel and accommodations for 200+ members in need of financial assistance.

SOCIAL & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                                                   NAACP - BOSTON BRANCH FEBRUARY 2015 – FEBRUARY 2016                                                                          BOSTON, MA

  • Created a mentorship program for young adults to achieve literacy, job placement with a CORI and volunteer with the Branch.

  • Solicited new eligible memberships for the Branch.

  • Provided programming and lead the Young Adult Committee (YAC) in planning and coordinating social events such as the “Lean In Empowerment Series” – evening event (every other month),  “Day of Service & Fellowship” – One Saturday event every other month and “Are You Engaged?” – week of service events.

  • Developed short and long-term social networking content plans, implementation of a calendar to coordinate cross posting events.   

  • Identified frequent professional developmental opportunities for the branch, its committees and their partners.   

  • Identified short and long-term opportunities for civic engagement by promoting awareness and engaging in community outreach.

  • Provided monthly reports to present back to the general membership meetings.

COMMITTEE CO-CHAIR                                                            ACLU - BOSTON COALITION for POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY DECEMBER 2014 – JUNE 2015                                      BOSTON, MA

  • Was solely responsible for selecting members to serve on this ad hoc committee

  • Facilitated monthly community meetings to inform and agitate the community into action, often presenting guest speakers who are experts in legislation advocacy, police reform, recidivism and economic justice.

  • Coordinated weekly meetings, agendas and action items

  • Hosted non-violent direct action (NVDA) trainings for all levels of community organizers.

  • Researched Massachusetts legislation to identify bills being presented that the committee could mobilize behind.

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III                                                                                                     TUFTS HEALTH PLAN, INC MAY 2013 – MARCH 2016                                         WATERTOWN, MA

  • Received weekly, monthly and quarterly awards for consistently exceeding call center operation standards, providing accurate and thorough information to both health care providers and members regarding benefits, claim resolutions, prior authorizations and pre-registrations while working independently to de-escalate issues.

  • Designed and maintained multiple databases for client tracking, production, office inventory and client letters containing sensitive HIPAA information.

  • Promoted to consult with directors to implement new business processes and software after six months of consistently providing recommendations based upon the needs of the department, it’s employees and their clients.

  • Business liaison between three call centers and vendors to simplify day to day operations.   

ASSISTANT TO DIRECTOR OF RESIDENTIAL SERVICES                                THE CENTER FOR FAMILY SUPPORT, INC MAY 2008 – APRIL 2013                                                                                                                        BRONX, NY

  • Advocated to cut down relocation costs by serving as the office move coordinator for 30+ staff.  Which included selecting the rental property sans agent, hiring a moving company, developing an inventory of all items in the office, contracting with vendor to move sensitive materials and IT system transitions.

  • Implemented database tracking systems to minimize credit card spending by 50%.

  • Responsible for reporting housing vacancies, notifying individual advocates of reported incidents, client demographics, staff qualifications and NYS OPWDD audit dates.

  • Petty cash reconciliation and being the liaison between vendors and the Director.

  • Cross referenced payroll and employee time accruals   


GIBBS COLLEGE                                                                                                                       



MOMENTUM is a training institute and movement incubator that gives progressive organizers the tools and frameworks to build massive, decentralized social movements.  


PMI - Currently enrolled in online learning the fundamental of managing projects, with a focus on preparing for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) credential exam.