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Done for DiDi is coordinating DIRECT philanthropy and reparations for Black women, femmes and non cis males. -#DoneForDiDi

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Fiyah Angelou, Flame thrower + pro heaux poet = In Thots We Trust.
Michon Neal, impossible alien Othergender Dragon who tattoos trees with the queerest most sinister ink and I hurt all the time.
Dom Matti, Black woman + writer + mom = ragist.
Ilya Parker, medical professional + heart worker = Trans Heartbeat
Staci Jordan Shelton, chain breaker + snatcher of supremacist wigs = Life fixer.
Renae M. Taylor, non-binary entity seeking harmony.
Tony McPherson, half pan truthtelling nationalist + slam poet = Rock Steady BARS

Our Creative Content Contributor for May 2018 is Pam Hardi!

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